CLIENT: SWISS International Airlines
PROJECT: Seats for Switzerland II
AGENCY: Publicis Communications AG
AWARDS: ADC, Gold*, Silver*, Silver,  2x Bronze, Shortlist
* Award, Reunion Movies were made by Urs Schrepfer and Team


Seats for Switzerland was such a huge success in 2013 that SWISS decided to let it run again in 2014/2015.
We have redone the complete website from frontend to backend in order to handle the expected amount of registrations and we have added some new elements.

Reunion Movies.
We were able to follow 6 people and be with them to film their long last reunion. 6 highly emotional movies with real feelings to be played on the site and various social channels of SWISS.

2 of the movies are here to view:



Road Show
With this road show SWISS is connecting with the customer even more by giving them the opportunity to tell their story live inside a caravan. Inside the caravan there is a small filmset where people can take place and tell their story on camera. A Director and his crew are on-set to create, cut and upload the movies.


Road show

Road show