CLIENT: SWISS International Airlines
PROJECT: Seats for Switzerland
AGENCY: Publicis Communications AG
AWARDS: Goldbach Crossmedia Award, Silver / Best of Swiss Web, Silver, Bronze


The airline SWISS is lacking customer proximity in the domestic market and the brand is perceived as unapproachable. It does not enjoy the prestige and the same value in the heart of the Swiss population, as it has done in Swissair times.

First and foremost, increasing the emotional bond to the Swiss population is targeted. With a targeted cross-media campaign SWISS is to anchor their Swiss origin and provide positive conversation. The communication objectives, interaction and active involvement with the Swiss population are in the foreground.


With “Seats for Switzerland”, the personal aspects of flying: namely, the reunion of family members, lovers and friends who live thousands of miles apart from each other and miss each other is put in the foreground.

Therefore SWISS raffles 300 free seats to allow the fulfillment of the long-awaited wishes. The campaign calls on people to tell their own stories wich they submit to and in doing so participate in the promotion.

Campaign Hub: Microsite

The core of the campaign is the microsite which hosts all interaction with social media, the desired involvement and initiates the dialogue. In addition to the online application, postal submission was also made ​​possible.
By means of public voting, participants can garner votes for their stories and thus increase their chances of winning.

To accompany the campaign a mix of classic and online media was considered to ensure a wide-ranging possible target group accessibility. The measures include, a banner campaign, the companies own online and social channels such as website, e-newsletters, Facebook and Twitter posts.

For the establishment and further involvement a PR coverage of the candidates who published their stories are brought to the audience through print press as well as on the associated online platforms.


As part of the sponsorship, the 30-minute show, “Mission Surprise” is realized by SRF2 (Swiss Radio and TV Station)  in collaboration with the Swiss television. The five programs are broadcast in the 3rd week of Advent in December 2013 on SRF2 on the campaign microsite and the SRF online portal.


On the microsite more than 3,000 people have been telling their personal stories. With over 280,000 unique visitors and 390,000 visits. Overall the Facebook comments made ​​up for 727’314 page impressions