I’m an cross-disciplinary Creative Director who believes in the power of big ideas.

For nearly 14 years, I have been bringing interactive experiences to large groups of people and won numerous creativity, performance and Innovation Awards along the way.

Being 100% digital by heart but also having founded experience in the offline world, I know the best of both worlds. By combining this knowledge i’m able to deliver ideas and brand experiences that work across all media – from digital, to offline, to ambient and direct marketing. I strongly believe that in the world of today the consumers emotions are to be targeted in order to get a message across and build up brands.

Leading for me is all about team building. Brilliant minds work together and it’s always a marvelous moment seeing those minds connect and sparkle new ideas or solutions. I’m a hands-on type of person, part of the team, taking the extra mile and driving my team to do the same, I like to engage in the process myself instead of playing the classical boss. This doesn’t mean i’m not a leader when needed.

I am passionate about solving clients problems and I have worked for several Fortune 500 as well as for smaller brands. I am comfortable presenting and engaging in dialogue with C-level and senior management. My client approach is similar to my leading approach, everyone is part of the team that creates the solution. therefore with clients I like to maintain a direct approach and integrate them highly in the process, which has proven to work well.

I love challenges and consider myself a passionate creative.
Some of my capabilities are: creative solutions, integrated campaigns, website architecture, corporate online presence, brand positioning, creative concepts, design, usability, content strategy, corporate identity, direct marketing.